Important Notice

Property Particulars

These property particulars have been prepared in all good faith to give a fair overall view of the property. If you require any further information or verification of any points particularly relevant to your interest in this property, please ask.

It should be noted that nothing in these particulars shall be deemed to be a statement that either the property is in good structural condition, or that any services, appliances, installations, equipment or facilities, are in good working order. No plant, machinery or appliance electrical or mechanical, present at the day of inspection has been tested and accordingly purchasers should satisfy themselves on such matters prior to purchase.

These particulars are given as a general guideline only, and do not constitute, nor constitute any part of an offer or contract. Any photographs included within these particulars depict only certain parts of the property and no assumptions should be made with regard to parts of the property that have not been photographed. Furniture, furnishings, personal belongings and other contents, etc., shown in the photographs must not be assumed to be included in the sale, neither should it be assumed that the property or the contents remain as displayed in the photographs. If in doubt, please ask for further information.

Measurements, descriptions, areas or distances referred to within the particulars, or indeed within any plan or plans associated with the property are given as a guide only and must not be construed to be precise. If such information is fundamental to a purchase, purchasers are advised to rely upon their own enquiries.

Planning Permission and Inspection

Purchasers are advised to make their own enquiries regarding such matters relating to Planning Permissions or potential uses referred to within the particulars, where such information is given in good faith by Bernard Gordon & Company. Information relating to rating assessments has been given verbally. Intending purchasers/tenants should satisfy themselves as to its accuracy from the Local Authority.

No responsibility can be accepted for any expenses incurred by intending purchasers in inspecting properties, which have been sold, withdrawn or are under offer. Bernard Gordon & Company do not hold themselves responsible, in negligence or otherwise, for any loss arising from the use of these particulars. Bernard Gordon & Company reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for expenses and time incurred by virtue of applicants failing to attend confirmed appoinments to inspect.

Bernard Gordon & Company have not undertaken any environmental investigations in respect of land, air or water contamination. The purchaser/purchasers are responsible for making their own enquiries in this regard.


The measurements as set out herein are provided for guidance purposes only and no reliance should be placed on these when making any offer to lease or purchase either expressly or impliedly and for the avoidance of doubt Bernard Gordon & Company will be not liable for any losses howsoever arising in law as a result of the bidder placing any reliance on such measurements. The successful bidder should state if they wish to undertake a measured survey of the building prior to exchange of contracts to enable it to satisfy itself of the precise measurements.

In summary

It must be appreciated that in preparing these particulars, descriptions given of the property by the author are personal and subjective and are used in good faith as a personal opinion and not as a statement of fact. To ensure that our descriptions are likely to match any expectations you may have of the property, we strongly recommend and advise that you make additional and specific enquiries.

Unless otherwise stated, in accordance with The Finance Act 1989, all prices and rents are quoted exclusive of VAT.

These details are believed to be correct at the time of compilation but may be subject to subsequent amendment.

The terms quoted and all subsequent negotiations are subject to contract.