Frequently Asked Questions Regarding D1 premises

How Do I Sell A Day Nursery, a School, or a Church?


How do I sell a Church?
How do I sell a Day Nursery?
How do I sell a School?

We set out below brief answers to frequent questions which have been raised over many years by clients who are buying, selling, taking or granting a lease of D1 properties which we trust will be of assistance to you. For further clarification as to these answers or if you need specific advice, please call and ask for Bernard Gordon or Ben Wallis for an informal and confidential discussion relating to how to deal with your property.

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How do I go about selling a D1 building currently used for religious occupation such as a Church, Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, etc. Day Nursery, School or Medical/Dental properties or other D1 uses?

Is your preference to sell or to rent out your current property?



Who would be appropriate to act on our behalf?

Where do I go to for initial advice as to:- How to sell a church? How to sell a school? How to sell a day nursery?



Planning Permission:

Does your existing building have the necessary planning permission for the purpose which the buyer will wish to use the building for?

We are currently occupying industrial/commercial premises for D1 use but without D1 permission and the Council now want to close us down. What do we do?

Can I use a property which has D2 use for D1 religious purposes?




How do I go about finding out if there is any demand for our School, Day Nursery, Church, Medical Centre etc. and the price/rent we can sell or let the property for?

How long will it take to sell/let our Church, Day Nursery, School, Medical/Dental Premises?

How do we sell/let a Church, School, Day nursery etc. if we do not have another building to move into?

We want to sell/let premises currently used as a day nursery, school, gym, sports hall, etc. What issues should we consider?


Our congregation/organisation is expanding, what size building will we need?

Our congregation/organisation is shrinking and our existing building is now much too large, what size building do we need?

What are your fees and what is it going to cost?