D1 Property Definitions

Here you can find help in understanding some common terms we use to describe our D1/D2 now (E, F, F1, F2, sui generis) Property instructions.
Contact us if have a D1/D2 now  (E, F or sui generis) property you would like to list with us, or if you have a general D1/D2 now (E, F & sui generis) property enquiry.

Shell and Core

Find out what we mean by "Shell and Core".

This is the term generally used to describe the finishes of a building, or part of a building when the builders have completed the construction works. Continue reading

Full Repairing and Insuring leases

Find out what we mean by "Full Repairing and Insuring leases".

A lease where the tenant pays rent to the landlord and that the tenant will be responsible for the repair, decoration and maintenance of the property let to it as well as all outgoings associated with the property Continue reading


Find out what we mean by "D2".

Planning Term for assembly and leisure. It includes cinemas, concert halls, bingo halls, casinos, dance halls and indoor sports. Continue reading


Find out what we mean by "D1".

Planning term for non residential institutions, including; Educational accommodation, medical, dental / health services, religious/community uses, veterinary premises, museums, art galleries and exhibition halls. Continue reading